Datsun Rishtey Sambhaal Lenge

Production House : Brands Invincible
Run time - 01:41
Overview :

Explore the overwhelming journey of two cousins, Genelia and Elvis which opens up a new horizon of thoughts, inviting a new perspective of life for them with #DatsunRishtonKaSafar #ExperienceChange curated and crafted by #BrandsInvincible

Rau’s IAS

Focus on ‘Real Learning’ - The Corporate Film

Production House : Brands Invicible
Description :

A great brand to tell a story about...Rau's IAS has been the industry leader and a veteran to be building future IAS of our country! We loved creating a film around their philosophy, mission and values...the institute is integrally dedicated to be imparting personalised, well-researched subject specialised coaching through the educational experts. The film was immensely satisfying and well lauded by Rau's IAS, parents and students alike.