Rau’s IAS

Focus on ‘Real Learning’ - The Corporate Film

Production House : Brands Invincible
Run time - 04:15
Overview :

A great brand to tell a story about...Rau's IAS has been the industry leader and a veteran to be building future IAS of our country! We loved creating a film around their philosophy, mission and values...the institute is integrally dedicated to be imparting personalised, well-researched subject specialised coaching through the educational experts. The film was immensely satisfying and well lauded by Rau's IAS, parents and students alike.

R City Mall

The Santa In All

Production House : Brands Invincible
Run time - 02:40
Description :

Christmas is all about sharing and caring; Santa for all of us has always been that godsend angel, who in these moments would take away all our sorrows, shower blessings and make us smile. Brands Invincible was happy to have got this opportunity with R City to build a loving tale of empathy and joys...a Santa getting his Santa! Happy to share the good vibe film of ours :) "Chaliye, hum bhi kisi ke santa ban jaayein"


Iss Diwali Khushiyan Baantein Fun City Ke Saath #PlaySmileNShare

Production House : Brands Invicible
Run time - 01:15
Overview :

A story which we felt very happy to tell!