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Well, the story started with a seasoned marketer who decided to flip over to the other side of the table. Having built brands and organic growth strategies for years with passion, devising rich content and networking with the best in diverse industries, understanding brand needs came easy to him and his team – how to resonate with the hearts and minds of patrons. Creativity, lateral thinking, and undeterred passion are the strong pillars of BI, with the content being at the core of what we do. At heart, we are brand storytellers: Simple, lucid, and connecting stories...and we are damn good at those.

the seed :
our founder

With a diverse Brand Leadership background, Peeush is an astute storyteller and has been instrumental in creating many progressive and successful brands including his national-global stint with McDonald's, LAI Australia, and PVR.  An extensive outlook, a rounded persona, and a crazy nomad at heart, Peeush’s forte has been building strategic partnerships, launching concepts sustainably, and contributing learning at various conferences and management institutes. An absolute specialist when it comes to defining media strategies, Peeush has handled diverse decision-making portfolios with brands and is well networked nationally across agencies or media. Global cross-culture exposure has added to his reasoning when talking about positioning and recall. and Personal Branding is his favorite subject.

The bigger strength is his ability to articulate and build a story out of nothing and that has charmed our way into our clients’ hearts. Be that evident in the films that he writes, the campaigns he could think of in a jiffy or his connecting poetry, Peeush lends a solid persona, almost a narrative approach to Brands Invincible.

our competencies

The core competencies of  Brands Invincible have always been working away from clutter, creative autonomy, a little bit of lateral thinking, dedication, and accountability to businesses. Our core expertise lies in building unique, relevant and emotive content, underlying the key connect of any brand with the target group. This would span out in:


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Social Media

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